At himagine, we believe delivering quality health information management (HIM) resources is the most important objective for us as your partner. We have invested in an infrastructure that provides management by HIM experts, ongoing and comprehensive quality assurance, and continuous education, which together help deliver greater value to our clients. 

quality should be your biggest concern

Before the transition to ICD-10, 34% of respondents to the HIM Benchmark Survey ranked quality as the biggest issue. In the 2016 survey, that number rose to 66%. Healthcare providers are demanding better quality from coding partners, but the industry has not delivered a better outcome.


Source: 2016 Benchmark Survey conducted by himagine solutions inc. and ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals.

Why is quality an issue? 

To ensure ongoing quality, it is critical that coders are effectively managed. The traditional staffing model places the burden of managing coders from multiple vendors on the healthcare providers, instead of making coding vendors accountable for the quality of their own resources.


Solution? Managed coding 

Our HIM infrastructure and managed outsourcing model was designed and implemented to address one metric that is critical to all health information management and revenue cycle leaders – QUALITY.

Outsourced Coding FinalV2.png

A. Managed oversight from HIM leaders, not "staffing managers," at a 20 to 1 ratio B. Committed quality assurance, with prebill audits followed by minimum quarterly audits C. Ongoing coder education and development platform D. Guaranteed coder availability and streamlined onboarding


himagine completed a retrospective review of 50,000 charts coded by coders in our managed solution vs. those who were not (based on client preference). 

A. Average quality scores were
3 percentage points higher
in the managed solution
B. A one percentage point change in coding accuracy is equivalent to
$1 million in under coding on average
C. Added benefit of fewer compliance issues and claim denials