You may need full department managed solution outsourcing. Or you may just want better data accuracy. Perhaps your reimbursements need to improve or you're concerned about compliance. 

How we can help

As the largest provider of coding and related HIM services, we offer a wide variety of healthcare information services that help you better manage and improve quality. These include:

  • Improved work processes that drive data accuracy
  • Managed coding solutions to increase quality scores
  • Audit services that improve reimbursement and minimize compliance risk
  • Coder development platforms that optimize performance
  • Tools for survey readiness, accreditation, and coding management

And we're continually learning and developing ways we can better help you meet the continuous challenges of this industry. 

Expert providers

All of our services are managed by proven HIM leaders, not a staffing manager. Our resources are delivering the highest quality and productivity. We can ensure this because of our scale resources to recruit, train, education, audit and manage coding resources.



Improved work processes that drive data accuracy


Managed solutions that drive accuracy


Audit services that maximize reimbursement and minimize compliance risk


Coder development platform that optimizes performance


Survey readiness, accreditation, and management


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