Second annual him benchmark report

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Benchmark_Report_-_Cover.jpgEach HIM department is unique, but there are common issues, challenges, and topics faced by all.  Together with ADVANCE Healthcare Network we uncover how HIM leaders nationwide weathered the transition to ICD-10 and their plans for outsourcing, ongoing quality assurance, and utilization of technology.

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  • Commitment to Quality – Coding accuracy took a big jump from last year to become the most common metric cited by HIM leaders.
  • Increased Auditing Now...and Later – Over 70% of providers stepped up their audit efforts in 2016, presumably due to ICD-10, and a whopping 96% anticipated increasing or maintaining their level of auditing in 2016.
  •  The Vendor Quality Conundrum – Coding accuracy is again the most critical metric to gauge performance of outsourced coders yet two-thirds of respondents stated that quality from their vendors is the biggest issue they face.

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