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Claudia Havens Claudia H., HIM Professional

Why I joined himagine . . .

The hours with my previous company, also an outsourced coding provider, were inconsistent which created trust issues for me. A himagine recruiter reached out to me several times over the span of a few months to discuss opportunities within their organization. As a coder, I am used to getting calls from recruiting professionals, but these conversations were different . . .

He told me about himagine’s long term contracts with some of the leading health systems in the country.  His confidence that himagine could offer me stable hours and growth opportunities while working with their long-term strategic clients made me feel secure in my decision to transition my career.

In addition, I was attracted by himagine’s investment in coder education and incentive compensation via signing and retention bonuses. They seemed almost too good to be true, but the recruiter was so professional and passionate about what the company could offer me that I felt very comfortable joining the team.

What you should know . . .

One pleasant surprise I’ve experienced is how engaged the himagine senior leadership team is with the coding organization.  I have been so impressed with how the CEO, Michael DiMarco, is so transparent about his vision for the company. Every quarter we are updated about key initiatives the company is undertaking and how it might impact us. As coders we just want to feel like the company we work for puts us top of mind and has our best intentions at heart. That is exactly what himagine does.

himagine has also exceeded my expectations in terms of their organizational structure. Instead of reporting through a generic organization with no HIM background I am supported by a dedicated HIM organization. It is so refreshing reporting through other HIM professionals who can assist me with any coding related issues or questions while at the same time giving me the freedom to perform in my job.

My experience has been great from recruiting to ICD-10 preparation.  I was able to speak to a few himagine coders to help reinforce my decision to join the company and I would offer the same to any coder contemplating joining our team.

More Words From Our Team 

I have spent almost 35 years in the HIM field, even before they called HIM, I've pretty much worked the gamut of positions from private practice (18 years in a surgeon's office) to compliance, coding and auditing, education of physician's, coders and ancillary staff to coding supervisor and also manager of an entire coding department. I've also worked as an adjunct educator at a secondary technical college in a billing and coding program, I've also done consulting for pharmaceutical companies and assisted in writing coding exams, books and curriculum. But not until this past year have I truly felt the freedom of working remotely for a company such as himagine. The educational opportunities that we are afforded, the ability to have a flexible work schedule and also having our books and CEU's provided to us tells me I am truly valued and appreciated as an HIM professional. The organization that I have been affiliated with through himagine is marvelous. They have truly embraced my knowledge and work ethic and have continued my contract for over a year now which tells me that himagine aligns themselves with organizations of a high caliber. I also know that when I have an issue, a question or a problem - himagine is there for me and supports me 100%. Thank you again for having faith in me and allowing me to be part of such a wonderful team.

-- Lorraine B.

I worked for himagine back in 2006 - 2009. I loved my job! I was highly impressed at how the staff in Tampa clearly understood that we coders, like the hospital clients, were also an important asset to their success. Unfortunately, due to the recession in 2009, my full time hospital had to let go of all contract work. I had to look locally to continue working. It broke my heart. A couple years went by. I was on site here at a hospital as an employee and....miserable. I no longer felt like I was an asset and that I was respected by the people I worked with. I couldn't work from home, which is my goal from now until retirement! The salary was much less too. I was so unhappy and felt stressed and weighted down all the time.
The economy and need for increased coverage for hospital coding started to regain its stronghold and I took that leap of faith and entered the contract world of employment again. I found myself back at himagine and immediately felt that same professional yet caring employee recognition that I greatly had missed. Success happens because the balance between business and compassion are met on equal ground. himagine carries on this concept with incredible effectiveness. Loyalty is a two way street and I love the road I am on. Thank you for being a great company to work in!

-- Kim W.

I have to say out of my 35+ years career in HIM, these past two years have been the best and most exciting years of all! The positive attitudes of everyone have been such a boost to my spirit!

-- Barbara S.

Working as a consultant for himagine solutions has forever changed my view of my profession. Working as a consultant has been both an enlightening and rewarding experience. When working as a facility-based coder, over a period of time, an element of boredom can set in. Not so when working for himagine solutions. As a contract coder we are always faced with new challenges, and not just in our coding skill set. As coders’ responsibilities continue to increase we are presented with opportunities to learn more in our field such as charge posting, working claim edits & denials, and working closely with CDI specialists in assuring proper DRG assignment. Even on the most difficult assignments we have the opportunity to hone our professionalism and communication skills. I always keep in mind, on every assignment that I’m on, that I not only want to meet the client’s coding requirements but that I always want to promote a positive image of our company. I like challenges and working as a consultant for himagine solutions gives me ample opportunity to meet and conquer those challenges.

-- Debra E.

I have been with himagine eight years and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have never, not even once, wondered if I did the right thing in coming to work here. I tell EVERYBODY that will listen, and some who don't want to, how awesome I think you guys are! I tell Jessica all the time that I will be this little 80 year old lady, using her walker, walking over to her computer to start coding for the day! No...seriously!! I cannot "imagine" (pun is intended) going anywhere else, and if I did, Jessica would have to come with me. So please, himagine, keep treating us like the company always has because neither one of us want to go anywhere!!! You rock!!!!

-- Debbie G.

Accepting a position with himagine was one of the hardest career decisions I have made. Working remotely seemed like a scary thing to do. I am so glad I made the right decision and said yes. For the first time I can truly say “I love my job!” I am excited for the future and to see where himagine takes us

-- Kerri D.

Working for himagine solutions has been BY FAR by most positive experience in the contracting industry. From the moment a recruiter contacts you until you are assigned a staffing manager you feel supported, encouraged, and CONNECTED. Unlike most contracting firms I've worked for I actually do feel like I am the top priority and not the client which is a pretty big deal. Especially when you are in a difficult position with a client who likes to micro manage (like my first client). With every other company I've been with the idea was to just suck it up buttercup and make the client happy regardless of how I felt. With himagine I've always felt Jessica Swenson my staffing manager was behind me 100% and while I still had to suck it up for a bit (professionalism is always top priority) I was assured she as looking for another client for me. Because of this experience and the added benefit of PTO (never had with any other company) I plan to be with himagine solutions for years to come.

-- Jessica J.

I had just gone through a dark time in my life, left a good position in one of the top Trauma Hospitals in PA after 20 years of service. I thought that this was the highlight of my life, when I was told by the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Trauma Foundation that I should check out a company named himagine solutions. What was a terrible time in my life turned around when I signed on as a Trauma Registrar with himagine solutions. I have been with the company for 9 years now. When I joined the staff and started my career with the company, I knew right away why I went through this dark time in my life. Because unknown to me at the time, leaving the hospital that I worked for was going to be the BEST thing to happen to me in my adult life. I have never looked back at what used to be, but I do look forward to what is going to be. My life is so fulfilled with where I am in my career right now. Some of the things that keep me from leaving are the feeling I receive when I talk with my manager (cannot leave out Elli Merritt, one of the reasons I stay on) and the teamwork that goes into running this company. The work ethics of this company are a strong point, and I have worked in hospitals all over the United States – what a great opportunity that has been. The education that is offered through the company keeps you on top with the most advanced training in the field of coding. How lucky am I? I have asked myself this question every day for the last 9 years. I am extremely fortunate to be working for a company so respected among my peers. Would I ever leave? I made that mistake once, and regretted making that decision for 9 months until I came back like a little puppy with my tail between my legs. Was it hard for me to leave a full time, permanent, position at a prestigious hospital, heck no! When I realized what I gave up, the company, the people, and the friendships I had made within those years, I realized it just could not’t be replaced. I missed it! Let me tell you that will never happen again. I am the happiest when I am working, but I am only happy because of the group of great people (Elli Merritt HIM Staffing Manager) and others, who all made the new himagine solutions one of the Best Places to Work For. It’s like the old saying “Been there, done that, but there is nowhere I’d rather be than where I am, right now.” Thank you, himagine solutions, for making me the happiest person in my position!

-- Mary H.