We are a partner, not a staffing firm

We understand your challenges. The state of medical coding is extremely dynamic. Coder demographics are very unfavorable and demand for healthcare services continues to increase. The implementation of ICD-10 exacerbated these trends by driving down coder productivity. The result: the need for more coding resources in an extremely tight labor market.


The traditional HIM staffing model is suboptimal
for this new paradigm


At himagine every single one of our HIM professionals is managed directly by our HIM operations team to provide ongoing oversight and are audited on a frequent basis. This investment as part of a partnership model with our clients enables us to deliver superior quality and productivity as evidenced by our Enterprise HIM case study that highlights the results our managed coding solution can deliver.


800 ICD-10 CM Code Updates in < 500 words

It’s that time of year again! Time for the ICD-10 CM code updates. The new codes will go into effect with 10/1/17 discharges. There are over 800 changes this year in ICD-10 CM alone! 350+ new codes...