About Us

himagine solutions is a leading provider of healthcare outsourcing solutions with a focus on Health Information Management and related services. We have the largest team of HIM professionals in the U.S. that serve various healthcare service providers including short and long term acute care facilities, community based hospitals, physician practices, and outpatient facilities. Our professional HIM outsourcing services include an industry leading managed coding solution along with auditing, registry, and clinical documentation improvement.  

We seek to better understand the challenges faced by our clients and develop innovative solutions to overcome them. Being the largest provider of coding solutions in the country enables us to deliver on this promise given our scaled resources to recruit, train, audit, and manage coding resources.




Webinar: 5 Best Practices for Building a HIM Education Platform

Many facilities and health systems are considering creating their own "coding schools" to provide ongoing education and development opportunities for their HIM professionals to continuously improve...

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